What is WiMAX?

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Most of us know how to use a cell phone or an internet, be it making calls, sending an SMS, MMS or simply playing games. The story of the wireless connectivity started from the generation one or 1G application where one could only make voice calls over the mobile phone; then came the 2G or the Second Generation wireless telecom technology in 2001 that allowed Global System for Mobile communications or GSM handsets to not only make voice calls but also send text messages, one could download data but the only problem was a low speed which would take a lot of time as compared to the 3G.

With the launch of the 3rd Generation technology there came, a revolution in the telecom market, users could not only surf internet at greater and faster speed but also connect well at long distances at cheaper rates. This technology did not limit its usage only to cell phones but can be used in gadgets such as smart phones, personal computers and latest tablets or gaming machines too.

“Sky is the limit” goes the saying but, “We have yet not reached the sky” is what the techies have to say. Their hunt for something better has led them to the innovation of WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), for ones who have heard of WiFi earlier or know something about it will have a better understanding of the functioning of this solution as both these solutions connect without any wires but the WiMAX is an edge over the other as it captures a larger area through a single point. This technology is a wireless communication pattern covering a larger area under one roof, to provide faster access to its users lesser than the 3G.

Remember watching a movie in your 3G enabled gadgets, how much time did you waste downloading it? Now experience it on a 4G enabled WiMAX technology and you are sure to notice the difference. Too good, to be true? Well that is because we have only spoken about the advantages of this 4G branch called the WiMAX, but the fact is that though companies claim this technology to work at a lightning fast speed, the accuracy is higher in case of fixed gadgets as compared to the mobile ones.

The WiMAX technology has not yet been launched for the higher cost that the end users will incur is a concern for most companies. This technology has been reported to consume higher power and require sufficient electrical support that makes it not a best seller in the market, but for tech lovers and those who want the best this technology will give you best speed, lower recurring cost, good coverage, fast uploading and downloading speed and more.

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