TEMS Drive Test Training

With the revolution in the technologies today, radio network optimization is core to the network operations. The main work of TEMS investigation is to capture the RF Parameters in downlink and report them in the customized format. Then these customized reports are used in the optimization of networks. Along with traditional RF Data, L2/L3 messages, and IP information collection and together with support for a wide range of services, and make TEMS Investigation, a perfect choice for the various network operators.

To make sure that the telecom industry gets the competent professionals, we offer the TEMS Drive test Training program.

Overview and Objective:

A TEMS test is used to read and control information which has been set over through the air interface between the base station and the mobile station in cellular systems. We can use TEMS investigation for the following purposes:

  • Tune optimized networks.
  • Perform fault-tracing and wireless network troubleshooting.
  • Verify true terminal behavior with phone based measurement.
  • Performing indoor and outdoor wireless network measurements.

Other than this, Drive test can be defined as a method which can be used to verify the actual condition of the RF signal certain operator. The various functions performed by Drive test are:

  • Analyzes customer complaint of certain operator at homes and office areas.
  • Timeslot check, TRX check, Swap feeder and other problems with BTS.
  • Carry out optimization process.

Performed together, the TEMS Drive test can be an effective solution for the network providers.

Course content:

– In depth knowledge to Drive test in the network.

– Types of Drive test.

– Steps to be followed in Drive test.

– Drive test parameters for 2G and 3G network.

– Drive in Ideal and Dedicated Mode.

– Log Files collection.

– Report presentation for Drive test.

– Handling the various tools in RF survey, TEMS and Drive Test .

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