Telecom Protocol Development Training

Telecom Protocols are the main functions that any telecom company employs and it enables the bearer and value added services. According to the recent surveys conducted on various telecom enterprise, it has been significantly proved that the need for competent and endowed telecom professionals in the sector of protocol development and testing has increased to a considerate level. These engineers are required to develop and support the telecom protocol stack with the immense knowledge they seek in the field.

To provide the significant professionals to the telecom industry, we have designed the customized training courses that can help in crafting the the skilled expertise professionals.

Objective and overview:

The telecom protocol Development training is designed to equip the aspirants with the programming skills and networking concepts, so that they can in hand experience in real-time Telecom Protocol Development on L2/L3 technologies. Other than this, the tailored course will help the students to learn the programming skills and networking concepts.

Course content:

– In depth knowledge of Perl, Shell scripting.

– Introduction to Layer 2: STP, RSTP, VLAN.

– In depth knowledge on Layer 3: RIPV1, RIP V2, OSPE, BGP, IP, ARP, RARP, ICMP.

– In depth knowledge on Layer 4: TCP, UDP.

– Introduction to SIP, SS7, CDMA, GSM.


– Testing methodologies (STLC, Test Case and test plan design, System testing, integration testing, functional testing, stress testing, regression testing, load testing etc.)

– Testing tools and applications.

– Operating system (UNIX, Linux or HP-UX).

– Programming with GNU Tools.

– Introduction to next generation network.

– Application development.


Candidates who are willing to get into the Telecom Protocol Development Training should have the minimum criteria of


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