Telecom Jobs Today as a Career

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Worried about what career path to opt for after completing your basic studies, like most other youngsters? Choosing a career that will not only give you good start, handsome salary sufficient to meet your needs, stability and growth has always been a nightmare for the school and college going, which is why most parents insist on planning their child’s career well in advance by giving enrolling them into one of the professional courses such as engineering, medical, arts, commerce, finance, management etc. which is a great way to channelize the child but for those who aren’t a genius or a scholar in his/her studies or who has a different dream such as someone interested in music or theater and do not shrug away from hard work, in today’s well connected world you are not restrained to a particular town or country and the whole globe is your platform.

In spite of the job losses in the US and other countries one can dare to dream and get a career of his/her choice; all that is needed is a thorough research, good guidance, will power and competitive attitude. For those interested in the field of telecom here are some lucrative jobs that could help you fulfil your dreams.

Telecommunication today is a booming sector and offers lucrative job options across various streams; it is even reported to be the largest employment generator in India alone. Telecommunication can be defined as “The exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means” which could be in the form of voiced calls through cell phones, sending fax, video conferencing using internet, simply uploading or downloading data or surfing a social network; all of these are very commonly used applications that exhibits data transmission through electronic means.

More the usage more is the demand   and so are the career opportunities; here is a list that will help you understand better.

  • Telecom Engineer
  • Posts in telecom Research and Product Development.
  •  Career in Networking
  • Test Engineer
  • Software and Application Engineer.
  • Promotion, Marketing  and Sales of Telecom Products
  • Customer Support executives, managers, quality analysts, etc.
  • Independent  Software Vendors
  • Hardware Vendors
  • Telecom Equipment Manufacturers
  • Network Solution providers.
  • Service providing and Operating companies
  • Designing and implementation of solutions in the fields of human resources, operations, software, etc.

This industry is fast growing and ever changing, what is new toady is sure to old tomorrow and then there is something else new again, which is why one needs to grasp and understand things quickly with an analytical and problem solving mind to grow in this industry.

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