Networking & CWNA Training

Networking and CWNA are the base level wi-fi certification course for the CWNP program and it is a prominent requisite for CWSP, CWAP, CWDP and CWNE certifications. This certification course will help you start a great career in the wireless sector and ensure that you have the skills to successfully survey, installed administer the wi-fi networks for various companies.

Objective and overview:

The main idea behind the Networking and CWNA training is to increase the knowledge of aspirants in WLAN ideas and various wireless concepts. The course has been designed for the people looking forward to work in the IT sector. CWNA training helps the aspirants get the thorough knowledge in various topics of networks, LANs and wireless signals. The training program ensures that the individual becomes proficient in installation, troubleshooting and management of wireless networks. Other than this, one can get proficient in dealing security and standards of wireless networks. Furthermore, Networking and CWNA training offers you a complete understanding of IEEE 802.11 architecture and wireless site surveys.

Course contents:

The Network and CWNA training will cover the following course:

– Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies.

– Antenna Concepts.

– Wireless LAN hardware and software.

– Network design, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

– Wireless standards and organizations.

– 802.11 architectures.

– Performing site surveys.

– Introduction to CWNA certification,

– Introduction to Spread spectrum.

– Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS).

– Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS).

– Wireless Bridges.

– Device Modes.

– Configuration and Management.

– Wireless LAN Client Devices.

– USB Adapters.

– PCI Adapters.

– PCMCIA Cards.

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