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Telecommunications has become the main defining characteristics of the 21st century. Today, we come across wireless devices all around us, whether it is video game controllers or the Bluetooth devices. Even the entertainment and media hugely depends on the telecom services which include satellites and RF based cable systems.

Every telecom opportunity is based on the ability of the engineers to craft genteel RF and I&C circuits. Therefore, it is very important that we should have capable engineers which can design energy efficient, high performing and economically practical RF solutions.

We provide RF I&C Training courses that are effective and very useful.


The RF I&C training course is designed to provide the professional training with the positioning to take advantage of the various technical enhancements in the various arenas of professional world. Furthermore, the course offers you detailed knowledge of BTS, Node-B & MW site installation, integration and testing, detailed familiarity with GSM and 3G technology.


The training course is designed to provide you the extensive information about the complete communication applications. Other than this, it offers you the practical approach to telecom terminologies and equipments which are used on the telecom site. With the completion of training, the candidate becomes perfectly aware of various RF segments like RF survey, civil work, installation and commissioning, Quality audit and other measures. The specially designed grooming sessions and management solution classes ensure the spruce of the aspirants and make them competent enough to handle the management approach. With the end of the RF I&C training course, the candidate will have practical knowledge and exposure to the live on-site working experience.

Course Content:

A great care has been taken while making the final plans for the course content. The course has been designed to ensure the complete knowledge of the practical and theoretical experiences of the telecom solutions. The course offers:

  • Introduction to communication.
  • Introduction to Cell Site, Outdoor and Indoor Equipments.
  • Introduction to MW Communication system.
  • Introduction to BTS Fundamentals.
  • Introduction to tools and test equipments which are used in BTS/MW I&C.
  • Introduction to I&C of BTS/MW and Associated equipments.
  • I&C of Node-B for 3G networks.


To get enrolled for the course, the minimum qualification required is:

BE/ B. Tech or Diploma Engineers in (ECE/EEE/CS/IT).

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