Advanced Wireless Communications Training

In the past couple of years, Wireless communication has become our lifeline. It has become an integral part of all businesses as well as the personal aspects of the individuals. Wireless communication is the driving force behind the emergence of advanced wireless technologies and aims to support umpteen users and provide them good quality Qos and high speed data.

To ensure a great career in the advanced wireless communication sector, intense knowledge is required. To ensure in-depth knowledge, we offer advanced wireless communications training.

Objective and overview:

This course is intended for the people who are willing to get into the sector of broadband wireless communication networks. In spite of having great academic background, practical knowledge of the subject is required and this course offers you the best telecommunication work experience. The information offered by the course will help aspirants become the telecom professionals.

During the course great emphasis is placed on the RF Front-end with the baseband and the DSP end in an integral systemic approach. The training course covers various topics like mobile communications, high-frequency design techniques and wireless communication system designs to provide a winning edge to the course aspirants.

Course content:

There are various institutes that offer training courses in wireless communications. But makes us stand apart, is the content of the course that we offer. We put an emphasis on the practical part of the course and make the individuals get familiar with the technical know about the working and processes. The customized course for the advanced wireless communication training includes:

  • Important aspects of wired, wireless networks, applications and services.
  • Comprehensive research comprising the advanced telecommunication concepts.
  • In-depth knowledge of next generation technologies like EDGE, Wi-Max, UMTS and WCDMA etc.


If you are willing to pursue a career in the wireless telecommunication sector, the advanced wireless communication training can be very effective. To get enrolled in the training program, the minimum qualification required is:

  • The individual should have a Engineering Degree or Diploma in EE, ECE or any communication branch.
  • Bsc in any sciences other than commerce and life sciences.


Advanced wireless telecommunication training as far many advantages and offers great benefits to the individuals.

The training provides technology specific physical layer-centric training for aspiring mobile wireless communication engineers. Other than that, if offers great opportunities in the sector of installation and commissioning, networking, switching, RF planning, RF testing, RF survey and O&M.

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